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06-01-06 06:08
i forgot. heres a wedding picture
i hope you can tell which one is me :D
06-01-06 06:01
so it's been a little while since i last updated. athens ga is pretty good. i have a great job at the toyota lot. vixen and avy, dont worry still no babies and all our bills are paid for. :) i miss you guys
04-19-06 09:22
i havent posted in a loooonng time
figured i'd get on and say hey.
so i got married. its going great.
moved to athens. i love this city. and i work at volvo. which is a great job.
hope you're all doing well.
11-24-05 13:11
this is the first chance ive had to get on the computer.
living with brian(now my fiance..did i spell that right?) and i have a full time job. he leaves to start college in like 2 weeks and i will stay in camden(about 6 hours away from him) until we get married...haven't set a date yet.
heh. i know i know... we're too young blah blah blah. hell. at least im not pregnant...right? fuck yeah im right. well, i miss you all. ill get on ASAP and talk.
sorry for not calling Avy. i lost the number in the move
10-24-05 10:35
its been all good and fun. im moving out of parentals house. avy... dont call me. ill get in touch with you soon.
10-22-05 19:17
im going to get yelled at by avy but ill tell you guys anyways. i got my septum pierced
10-16-05 20:21
avy and gripe just thought id update and tell you im still alive. thanks for the morale support
10-10-05 17:39
happy birthday to me...
not really. the day before my big 18 i went to the doctor and was told i needed to be admitted to the hospital for a major kidney infection. i told them i wouldnt go. so for about a week ive barely been awake and have eaten nothing but half a banana and been drinking cranbeary juice out the ass. i went back today and puked in the doctors trash can. it was fun.
but im ok now. heh
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